Energy Sector Capacity Building Activity

The USAID Energy Sector Capacity Building (ESCB) Activity works with Jordanian energy sector partners to cultivate effective policies and decision-making in the energy sector; and to build sustainable institutional and organizational capacity to increase the adoption of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies and practices. ESCB places a high priority on addressing gender issues in the energy sector, including promotion of women in energy-related careers.

ESCB started in July 2013 and runs for four years. It applies a broad, adaptable approach to meet the energy sector’s evolving needs, including:

  1. Successful development and adoption of a utilities incentive mechanism to promote energy efficiency, including a robust monitoring, evaluation, and validation system;
  2. Increased institutional capacity of the Jordanian energy sector partners including the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Electricity Regulatory Commission, and electricity production, distribution, and transmission companies;
  3. Strengthened presence, capacity and regulation of energy services providers through market research, business development services, accreditation of those providers, and the creation of a coalition of energy services association; and
  4. Flexible response mechanism for emergent energy sector needs and opportunities on a demand-driven basis.

ESCB actively promotes a stronger role for women and youth in the energy sector. Gender-focused activities include ensuring that women are represented in all aspects of project planning and delivery, developing a mentorship program to link young women with senior leaders in the sector, and organizing  leadership activities to promote women’s advancement in the sector such as a Woman’s Leadership Forum. Youth inclusion activities include working with universities to increase student awareness of and access to energy related career opportunities.

For more details, see the ESCB Profile .