Energy Sector Capacity Building Activity

This task is designed to increase the institutional and management capacity of Jordanian energy sector partners.

ESCB has conducted a capacity building needs assessment of key energy sector institutions, including MEMR, EMRC, and electricity production, distribution, and transmission companies.

Based on these plans, ESCB is providing formal and non-formal training for better performance in critical functions such as emergency management, strategic communications, development of legislation and regulations, and establishing Demand Side Management programs.


ESCB is supporting the three electricity distribution utilities to conduct the first detailed residential energy use survey (load survey).  Over 2700 households throughout Jordan will be surveyed to obtain data on use of electricity for all household purposes. The information obtained will be utilized to identify priority areas of intervention for DSM programs.

ESCB is also supporting development of planning and management mechanisms for the Jordan Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Fund (JREEEF) which will provide initial funding for Demand Side Management Program activities.

In support of energy sector challenges, ESCB is providing legal advice on legislation, regulations and by-laws to streamline government programs supporting households and the private sector to increase adoption of renewable energy and energy efficiency measures.

The Energy Efficiency Unit of the MEMR has been mandated to support all other Ministries to work towards the Prime Ministerial decree of saving 20% of their energy budgets. ESCB is currently working with the EE Unit and Energy Officers of three pilot ministries to conduct energy audits, identify the energy saving interventions and promote adoption of improved energy management practices.

For reports on capacity building activities, see the Technical Reports section of this website.