Energy Sector Capacity Building Activity

To overcome energy sector challenges, Jordan needs full participation from the best and brightest minds in the country. This means fully engaging both women and men in employment and leadership opportunities.

Although almost a third of university students enrolled in technical and engineering fields are women, only 15% are working in the labor force.

Many women are constrained by social norms and discriminated against during the hiring process and in the workplace. Women also often lack the role models and peer support that could boost their confidence and successfully pursue energy sector careers.

Despite these barriers, opportunities do exist to promote inclusiveness, gender equality, and women’s leadership within the energy field. Energy is an up-and-coming sector that is vital to Jordan’s economy. There are more “green jobs” than a few years ago – and new opportunities may also open up as many men take up jobs in Gulf countries. For a full summary of challenges and opportunities, click here.

ESCB provides tools and opportunities for women to strengthen their expertise and develop professionally to achieve leadership positions in the sector.


In cooperation with project stakeholders, ESCB promotes gender equality by:


  • Organizing a series of leadership and networking events, including:
  • Establishing an Advisory Group of leading women in the sector
  • Sharing resources on Women in Energy.
  • Assessing the potential for women’s role in public and private sector institutions, such as a study on The Potential Role of Women Within Energy Service Providers in Jordan
  • Establishing a pilot mentoring program as a basis for designing a new approach to mentorship for women in energy and developing Mentorship Tips
  • Establishing linkages and sharing Jordan’s experience and successes through international fora and online discussions
  • Supporting meetings of the Jordan chapter of the Council on Women in Energy and Environmental Leadership, Association of Energy Engineers, under the Jordan Energy Chapter of EDAMA

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