Energy Sector Capacity Building Activity

ESCB is working to strengthen the presence, capacity, and regulation of energy services providers (ESPs) through market research, business development services, ESP accreditation and the creation of a coalition of energy services associations.

The goal is to have an independently sustainable energy service industry which can provide high quality technical services and products while also guiding its clients to obtain financing for improved energy management.

ESPs also benefit from technical training on topics such as Certified Measurement and Verification Professional and Certified Energy Manager. Training activities such as these typically include government officials, energy utility staff and ESPs – providing an excellent opportunity to share experience and make connections across sectors.


ESCB provides technical assistance to ESPs on improving business development and marketing, and is also supporting the establishment of a coalition of energy service associations to collectively discuss key issues with government and financing institution.

One of the greatest challenges to increasing adoption of renewable energy and energy efficiency practices is identifying financing sources. ESCB has conducted extensive research and networking with public and private financing institutions, including banks, to identify financing opportunities for both large and small scale energy improvements. ESCB is working with banks and microfinance institutions to develop specific lending products for energy efficiency.

Accreditation of ESPs will help to establish trust, both from potential clients and financing institutions. ESCB is working with ESPs, government and the energy service associations to establish an internationally recognized accreditation mechanism.

All ESCB activities include promotion of women to contribute to  solving Jordan’s energy challenges. ESCB in 2014 initiated the establishment of the first international chapter of the Council on Women in Energy and Environmental Leadership (CWEEL) in Jordan through the EDAMA Jordan Energy Chapter. ESCB will continue to support CWEEL with networking and technical events, and has also established a mentorship program for young women aiming to increase their professional role in the sector.

For reports on the support to energy service providers, see Technical Reports section of this website.